License to Carry Course

What you will learn:

1. Texas laws relating to the use and carry of a concealed handgun.
2. Handgun Use and Safety
3. Non-violent dispute resolution
4. Safe Storage


This Course is 4-6 hours, which is mandated by the State of Texas law.
During this course, you must pass a written examination and a 50-
round course of fire. Upon successful completion of these two items,
the student will be given a certificate of completion to submit to the


Course Fees

The cost for this Course is $55.00 but does not include range fees or
ammunition. The free use of a handgun is included if needed.

Refund Policy/Rescheduling


Each student must submit his/her application to the Texas Department
of Public Safety, either before or after you take the Course.


Students will also be required to submit to a background check,
fingerprinting, and photographing according to the state regulations, Texas
Government Code Chapter 411, Subchapter H.



If a student can not make the initially scheduled class, you may
reschedule that class two times at no additional cost, If you have
notified us within 24 hours of your class time. If you do not notify us
within this time frame, your refund will not be considered. If you are
still unable to make your class after two attempts to reschedule, a
refund may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
All no-shows forfeit the total amount paid.


License To Carry Course: $55.00