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Security Officer Services

Whether a large event is taking place or a company needs to protect and secure its facility, security officers are necessary. Security cameras are good for monitoring activity and even for liability purposes, but camera equipment alone doesn’t provide the necessary security that security officers are able to provide. Shield Security & Training Solutions' officers are trained to maintain order in the area, so whether a conference is taking place or important goods are being manufactured in a warehouse, the help, and assistance of our trained security officers is a valuable addition to any company team.

Certain jobs require armed security service, while other situations are better handled with unarmed security services. At Shield Security & Training Solutions, we can decide which type of security service best suits your needs.

How We Can Help

Shield Security teams are able to help perform a variety of tasks, in addition to just monitoring and keeping order at an event, facility, or venue. Our professional security officers help acquire permits, direct traffic and even arrange on-site medical attention. Both armed and unarmed security officers, personal protection officers, drivers, and escorts are all available, depending on a customer's needs. But no matter what the security requirement is, Shield Security & Training Solutions is able to provide the right professional for the job.

Choosing Security

There are many different factors to consider when choosing between hiring an armed security officer or an unarmed security officer. The first thing to consider is the overall goal or reason for providing security. If the primary concern is about potential attacks and the safety of your guests, then an armed security officer may be the best option. Armed security officers provide a high level of quality and proactive security against threats.

However, in certain settings, people may be unnecessarily intimidated by the presence of an armed security officer. So, it's important to consider the type of message that you want to send to customers, workers, and passerbys. Also, building owners and managers who hire armed security officers could be opening themselves up to potential liability if an incident occurs.


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