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Shield Security Personal Protection Services

Shield Security & Training Solutions provides physical protection to corporate executives, celebrities, entertainment industry professionals, witnesses, and more. To keep our protectees and clients safe, we do not discuss the specific types and methods of our security operations.

The protection of an individual is comprehensive and goes far beyond surrounding the individual with well-armed agents. At Shield Security & Training Solutions, our core mission is to prevent an incident before it occurs, therefore, our highly-trained personal protection officers rely on thorough threat assessments and research provided by our Intelligence Division to identify potential risks to protectees or clients.

Our personal protection officers escort our clients to protect them from assault, bodily injury, kidnapping, invasion of privacy, or stalking.

Business executives, government officials, and celebrities in the entertainment field can hire our personal protection officers to guarantee their personal safety and security. By employing Shield Security & Training Solutions personal protection officers, our clients are able to go about their daily routine and social activities with as little inconvenience as possible.

The Shield Security Difference

We provide personal protection services for individuals or families. Often our personal protection officers perform other duties. We may serve as a handyman, secretary, or a chauffeur, to disguise our real function as personal protection officers.

In order to assist you in any security-related situation, our Personal Protection staff consists of active and retired law enforcement personnel with years of experience.

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